Halloween Activities we found Exciting as Kids but not as Adults

Halloween Activities we found Exciting as Kids but not as Adults

Remember those exciting Halloween activities we did as a kid? It was like a whole other world! Spooky decorations, mountains of candy, and the thrill of dressing up like your favorite superhero or villain. But as we’re gradually stepping into adulthood, Halloween seems to lose its magic. How come?

Well, Halloween enthusiasts, I believe that we will never truly let the hustle and bustle of life kill the joyful child in us. Do you still want to have fun like like a child? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and figure out how to reignite that childhood spark this Halloween.

The Good Old Days: Why We Loved Halloween as Kids


Ah, the most staple among Halloween activities! Remember lugging around that plastic pumpkin, overflowing with enough candy to last a whole year? The thrill of the doorbell chime, the anticipation of what treat awaited, the sheer volume of sugary goodness – it was pure joy!

Costume Parade

Whether it was a homemade cardboard spaceship or a store-bought princess gown, Halloween costumes were a way to transform into whoever or whatever we wanted to be. The costume parade was our chance to strut our stuff and soak up the admiring “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd and from your crush.

Trick or Treat is always magical to kids.
Trick or Treat is always magical to kids.

Haunted Houses

Those dimly-lit hallways, creepy noises, and maybe even a jumpscare or two – haunted Halloween houses were the perfect mix of spooky and exciting. The adrenaline rush, the nervous giggles, and the sense of conquering our fears – it was a Halloween staple.

Pumpkin Carving

From goofy grins to intricate designs, pumpkin carving was a messy but oh-so-satisfying activity. It was a chance to flex our artistic muscles (even if it just meant lopsided eyes and a wonky smile!), and seeing our jack-o’-lanterns lit up on the porch filled us with immense pride.

Pumpkin carving was a messy but oh-so-satisfying activity.
Pumpkin carving was a messy but oh-so-satisfying activity.

Elaborate Costumes

As kids, the more elaborate the costume, the better. We were all about glitter, feathers, and anything that made us stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t just about the costume; it was about embodying the character!

Neighborhood Party

Neighborhood Halloween parties were the best! Bobbing for apples, spooky games, a costume contest – it was a night of laughter, friendly competition, and pure merriment with all the neighborhood kids.

Those old days Halloween party were pure merriment with all the neighborhood kids.
Those old days Halloween party were pure merriment with all the neighborhood kids.

Staying Up Super Late

Halloween night was the first night of the year (the second night is Christmas Eve) where staying up past bedtime was not only allowed, but encouraged! It felt like we were getting away with something, and that made it extra special.

Why Halloween Loses its Magic with Adults

So, what happens when we grow up? Why does the excitement of Halloween activities seem to fade? Here are some possible reasons:

The Sugar Rush is a Thing of the Past: Our bodies (and dentists!) can’t quite handle the same candy overload we could as kids. More than one Snickers at a time and you immediately feel terrible. Plus, as adults, we can buy treats for ourselves whenever we want, so occasionally sweets like Halloween candies seem no longer appealing as they used to do.

Costumes Can Be Expensive: Remember those $2 plastic costumes? Now, adult costumes can cost an arm and a leg! We’d rather spend those money on a designer handbag or some luxury winter coat, or simply just saving it for Christmas.

Haunted Houses Turn Corny: What used to be a thrilling adventure can become predictable and even cheesy as adults. We’d absolutely never want to force a fake scared expression on our faces when we know that “ghost” in the corner just scratched his butt before coming at our face with a cringy growl.

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Scary house can become predictable and even cheesy as adults.

Pumpkin Carving Becomes a Chore: Let’s face it, cleaning out pumpkin guts isn’t exactly pleasant. With so many things going on in an adult life, who has the time and patience for such thing as carving pumpkins anymore? The only time we adults join a pumpkin carving session is when we want to make sure our kids don’t cut their hands.

Neighborhoods Change: As life’s hardships draw us apart, we may no longer live in the close-knit communities of our childhood, making neighborhood parties less common.

Staying Up Late Backfires: Those late nights as a kid were fun, but now they just lead to exhaustion the next day. If there is one thing we adults always lack, it’s sleeping time and there’s no way we would sacrifice one night of sleep for a “ghost day”.

How to Be a Kid Again This Halloween?

The good news is, fun Halloween activities aren’t reserved for children! With a little creativity and a willingness to embrace your inner child, you can recapture that Halloween magic. Here’s how:

Trick or Treating with a Twist

Maybe skip the door-to-door routine, but recreate the spirit with friends! Have a Halloween potluck, where everyone brings a spooky-themed dish to share. You can even have a costume contest and award prizes for the most creative, funniest, or scariest outfits.

Costume Parade

Do you notice that adult costume parades are a growing trend? Gather your friends and get creative with a group costume. Think superheroes, historical figures, or even characters from your favorite TV show. Just make sure to ensure the solidarity in themes.

Ain't this Scooby-Doo gang idea look extra fun for a Halloween costume parade?
Ain’t this Scooby-Doo gang idea look extra fun for a Halloween costume parade?

Trading Candy

Let’s face it, as adults, we don’t need all that candy. But the excitement of trading for your favorites is timeless! Organize a candy swap with friends and family. Everyone brings their Halloween haul, and you can trade for the goodies you really want. Leftover candy can be donated to a local food bank or homeless shelter.

Staying Up Late

Okay, maybe you don’t want to stay up all night like you did as a kid. But staying up a little later than usual can still feel special. Have a Halloween movie marathon with classic spooky films or fun Halloween-themed comedies. You can even make popcorn and spooky snacks for a complete movie night experience.

The only thing's worth a late night staying up is a movie marathon!
The only thing’s worth a late night staying up is a movie marathon!

Include the Kiddos!

If you have children, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with them. Here are some ideas for Halloween activities with kids to get you started:

Family Costume Extravaganza! Plan a family costume theme and get everyone involved in creating the outfits. You could be a superhero family, a group of pirates, or maybe try wearing character Halloween costumes of your child’s favorite book.

Spooky Story Time! Dim the lights, cuddle up with blankets, and tell each other spooky stories (not too scary for younger kids!). You can even take turns making up your own spooky tales.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt! Hide Halloween-themed treats or small toys around the house or yard and create a scavenger hunt for your kids. They’ll love searching for spooky surprises!


Remember, doing Halloween activities is all about embracing your inner child, and the most important thing is to have fun and create memories So, put on your favorite costume, get creative with some spooky decorations, and don’t be afraid to act a little silly! After all, a little bit of Halloween magic is good for the soul, no matter your age.

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