Happy Mother’s Day and the “She’s Not My Mother” Issue

Happy Mother’s Day and the “She’s Not My Mother” Issue

Glad to see you strolling through another one of our blogs! Like the title says, Happy Mother’s Day and the “She’s Not My Mother” Issue, today we’re going to discuss the yearly argument that has been confusing husbands everywhere: Should a husband purchase his wife a gift on Mother’s Day? Many guys assume that they don’t need to buy their wives Mother’s Day gifts because their wives are simply not their mother. But other people have different opinions, voicing about how Mother’s Day should be a celebration of motherhood that includes the entire family, so why should ‘dad’ be excluded? So, for any confused husbands and partners out there, here are some perspectives on both sides.

3 Reasons You Don’t Celebrate Your Wife Mother’s Day

She’s not your mother

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and thank our mothers for all the love, care, and support they provide us. It is a special day to show our appreciation and gratitude for all that our mothers do for us. The most important aspect of Mother’s Day is spending time with your mother and showing her how much you care. Husbands have mothers, too, and this day should be a day for them to express their gratitude to their own mother while their wife lets her hair down for the attention of her children.

Mother’s Day is not a day to commemorate passionate affection

A married couple can celebrate a variety of occasions together throughout the year, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and many more. Those occasions are more than enough for husbands to shower their wives presents and express their love and appreciation. Thus, many husbands feel like they don’t need another extra occasion like Mother’s Day to do that.

Married couple can celebrate a variety of occasions other than Mother's Day
Married couple can celebrate a variety of occasions other than Mother’s Day

Husbands should only take a supporting role on Mother’s Day

This day is intended for children to appreciate their mother’s influence in their lives. As a husband, you shouldn’t take this opportunity from your kids. Your most important responsibility is to assist the children in creating a Mother’s Day project or card. If your children are too little to go shopping on their own, it is your responsibility to accompany them to the store to buy something for Mom. (But enjoy the moment since it’s likely the only time your youngster will want to be seen with you inside a mall.)

3 Reasons You Should Still Celebrate Your Wife Mother’s Day

It shows how much you respect her mothering

Surely you have plenty of other occasions to show love and appreciation to your wife, and value her as a wife. But, how about as a mother? Do you know that women wish to be loved and adored by their spouse everyday? Mother’s Day is not excessive at all, it’s a perfect chance for husbands to show their wives more affection. Just take as many chances as possible to make your wife happy, because you know, “happy wife, happy life”.

Giving your wife thoughtful Mothers Day gifts is a prime example of actions speaking louder than words. It shows her that you value the fantastic work she does with the children and the effort she puts in on a daily basis.

This is especially crucial if your marriage dynamic includes your wife being a homemaker or having additional obligations related to the children, such as preparing them for school and cooking for the family. A present would go a long way towards encouraging her to keep up the good job.

Mother’s Day is the day of celebrating all mothers

Even if your wife is not your mother, she is still the mother of your children. Of course, she works hard and deserves a small celebration on Mother’s Day. Husbands, take note: Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate ALL moms – not just your own. 

You do not have to buy enormous or pricey gifts. Instead, just opt for some inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts or a little sign of appreciation, such as a bouquet, a sincere message, or a handcrafted present, which will leave an indelible impact on the mothers in your life. 

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate ALL moms – not just your own
Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate ALL moms – not just your own

Encouragement for Father’s Day 

Here’s the advantage: Mother’s Day occurring before Father’s Day on the calendar, so fathers get to set the tone. If you skip Mother’s Day, you can say goodbye to that new putter next month when it’s your turn to receive a present. However, if you go all out for Mother’s Day, you’ll be establishing a high standard for Father’s Day in a few weeks.

On Mother’s Day, you may paint your wife into a corner and force her to purchase you a really great present. She will have no alternative but to reciprocate. However, remember that the purpose of this event is not manipulating your spouse to buy you gifts.


Whether husbands should purchase their wives mothersday gifts is a personal choice that differs between relationships and couples. Some couples may opt to celebrate Mother’s Day in order to commemorate the wife’s role as a mother, but others may not. It is ultimately determined by the dynamics of the relationship and the desires of the parties involved. Communication and mutual understanding are essential for handling such customs within a marriage. Please share with Bestie your thoughts on this issue! Happy Mother’s Day!

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