Mom’s Secret Eyeroll: 4 Worst Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Stay Clear

Mom's Secret Eyeroll: 4 Worst Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Stay Clear

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and while you might think any gift is a good gift, let me tell you, friends, the road to the doghouse is paved with the carcasses of cheap chocolates and those novelty aprons that seemed like a good idea at the time. Here’s your laugh-out-loud guide to which terrible Mother’s Day gift ideas to completely avoid.

#1 – The Panic Purchase

You know the one: It’s 8 PM the night before Mother’s Day, and you find yourself in the seasonal aisle of the local 24-hour convenience store. Those cheap chocolates? They scream, “I forgot about you until I saw the reminder pop up on my phone.” And those flowers that look like they’ve seen better days? They might just wilt faster than your mom’s smile when she sees them. Oh, and those trinkets that even a yard sale would reject? Let’s just say these cliché Mother’s Day gifts are not going to become cherished heirlooms.

Avoid obvious last-minute gifts that scream "I forgot about you"
Avoid obvious last-minute gifts that scream “I forgot about you”

#2 – The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Chores)

Ah, yes. The classic kitchen appliance. Nothing says, “I love you, Mom” quite like a new vacuum cleaner or a state-of-the-art juicer that’s more complicated than your relationship status. “Here, Mom, have some extra work on us!” Remember, unless she specifically asked for it (like, in writing, witnessed, and notarized), appliances are a no-no.

Although many moms enjoy taking care of their home and family, it’s better to encourage her to look after herself too by choosing more personal gifts for your mom. Let’s aim for gifts that say, “Relax and pamper yourself,” not, “Here’s another chore.”

Stay clear of "gifts" that bring your mom more work
Stay clear of “gifts” that bring your mom more work

#3 – Déjà Vu All Over Again

Picture this: You gift your mom a perfume, and her face lights up with joy… until she opens her cabinet to add it to her collection of identical, unopened bottles. Or that dress that’s just her style because it’s exactly like the three others she owns. Doing a recon mission to avoid gifting duplicates might just save you from the awkward, “Oh, another one! How… thoughtful?”

So, whether it’s a perfume, a dress or anything, make sure she isn’t having the exact same thing – or even close – before you hit the purchase button.

Make sure your mom hasn't already owned the gift that you're about to give her
Make sure your mom hasn’t already owned the gift that you’re about to give her

#4 – The “Funny” Fiasco

Here’s where we tread carefully, folks. That screaming chicken or the mug with a slightly off-color joke might have you in stitches, but remember, humor is subjective. What’s hilarious to you could be utterly baffling to your mom.

Older people like our parents don’t have the same sense of humor as us young adults. Just because you find a screaming chicken extra hilarious, doesn’t mean your mom thinks the same. Clear out all the useless gag gifts and ridiculous stuff you’re forming in mind, your mom deserves respect on this special day. Let’s not make the gift a punchline unless you’re absolutely sure it’ll get a genuine laugh.

Be careful of the funny gifts that are not funny
Be careful of the funny gifts that are not funny

Wrap It Up

Welp, as we wrap up this rollercoaster ride through the Do’s and Absolutely-Do-Not’s of Mother’s Day gifting, let’s land our spaceship back on Planet Common Sense for a moment. Mother’s Day, beneath the commercial glitter and the panic-purchased presents, is really about showering the matriarchs of our lives with love, gratitude, and perhaps a sprinkle of good judgement when it comes to our choice of tribute. So, unless your mom has explicitly expressed her desire for a collection of screaming rubber chickens (hey, no judgment), maybe steer towards something a little more thoughtful. Happy gifting, and here’s to not ending up in the doghouse this year!

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